Success and failure

And this is my story. I started my own business to stand in different markets and sell my own paintings in the 1990s. Then, I did not know that I had started my first business, I would just sell some paintings I painted.

I did this from about 1992-99, and then I was presented MLM by my dear brother, and was really hooked on it. So, I started to struggle on with the MLM company I started to work with. Made all the wrong things you can imagine that you do. However, it worked out eventually and I built a good and strong organization.

 Then the company I worked in had some problems and everyone in my up-line and down-line stopped working with the company. I saw all my organization disappear before my eyes, and with it my income. It was hard times, but I had learned anything during my years in network marketing (MLM). shame to the person who gives up.

To the year 2005 when I had a stroke and everything went totally to hell. My life went from happy to total darkness in less than a day. I wondered how this will go now. Everyone was sad, my family and especially me. However, I did contrary to what anyone could imagine which was to take it easy and get well, then we will see what life has to offer. Mr. Pettersson. I started my own business. 

The JR Bussniess years 2005-2011

So me and an MLM colleague started our own sales company, which was really fun. We got some good contracts and started to work 120% and it went slowly, but surely to success.We thought so anyway. Until one company we had as client went bankrupt. Which was not fun and they were our biggest customer.

My partner dropped out and I kept myself occupied with various projects such as car wash that worked well, but did not provide with enough income. During this time I was also doing sales and telemarketing to customers as a consultant. Which I thought was very fun and I learned a lot about sales.

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