My past

Who am I? – That is the question I will search the answer for during my stay on this planet. For all you label-fixated people, I will give you all a name to refer to:

I was given the name Per Arne Joachim Pettersson

My success & failure

I have tried and done a lot of things during my entrepreneur years, but not quite find the right thing until the beginning of the year 2011. I found with the help of a friend online marketing and through this personal branding, which is so much fun and what I’m doing nowadays.

Eventually, I can only say that it had not been for the personal-development I started with 21 years ago. I had perished when I got my stroke in 2005.

So giving up is not in my vocabulary, and should not be in yours either. Always be sure to think happy positive thoughts and doing to others what you want them to do to you.

The reason for me writing these thoughts; is that I want to share with you my own experience and knowledge from life and as an entrepreneur. I’ll want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do.

I will never claim that my thoughts are absolute truths. It will only be fragments of my point of view. I understand that we all are on a journey for a better self.

And I do admit that it all boils down to that it’s all mind viruses. So my quest will be to find the mind viruses that serve myself growth and improve the people’s lives that my actions will influence.

All people are equal. There are no one better than the other. It is what I do with what I have that count.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Joachim Pettersson ( The Samurai Marketer). 

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